Stone Face

All things change on shifting sands
And time, the most shifting of all
No thing can endure, though some may survive
The change of the suns and the moons.

Even mountains of ice can wander adrift
Though their faces that shimmer will cry
Their hearts of cold venom will thaw to reveal
The drip of lost lifeblood, obscene.

The mountain of life will spring from the tears
Turning sadness to cries of new birth
But even the greens and blossoming trees
Are subject to dusk and disease

For life begets death, as the two are lost twins
And their parent, the glacier made ghost
No birth can come forth without death eying close
And portending the fate of all life.

But the mountain, carefree, springs forth evermore
Let the life that comes forth go along.
Kept warm by the greens and blossoming trees
The spring of the living goes on!

All systems must balance to stave off the chaotic
And equations in math must compute
The song of the spring had too many to sing
And so death came along to collect.

Scarcity first brought life to a lull
Which begats it close cousin disease
And as all of the greens and blossoming trees
Covered sky, so the mountain brought dusk.

The mountain, imperfect, knew it too late
But the greens and trees would soon die
And all that was left for the mountain bereft
Was dirt, held together by rage.

For even as it was a mountain of life
It would not succumb to those tears
So the dirt would grow hard, and rigid and grim
The mountain of life, a great stone.

The sun and moon would circle the stone
Growing bored of its stasis, dead face
Yet through the blank stare of the stone growing old
Was a burning sensation, a rage.

The barrren dead mountain grew hateful of death
Having pledged to steal its victory
It would stare at the sky, yet refusing to cry
It sought only the strength to explode.

All things change on shifting sands
And time, the most shifting of all
No thing can endure, though some may survive
The change of the suns and the moons.



AristotleHeed not the statues lining the hall
Ignore their entreaties, go on.
The smiles of a stone can flicker by fire
The beauty of bronze will soon fade

The pedestals, crafted by years of long work,
Just distraction. A fool’s wasted day.
The heroes of yore reduced to a mound
All stones can be sand given time

How odd that the elements, though not as out here
Can effect those statues within
The pantheon crafted by the work of one’s mind
Can be fleeting, can be blunted by age.

The Wealth of Liberation

On today’s prompt.

Give me a day to spend with the rest
The loved ones: family, friends
With infinite wealth I would make them all free
And achieve most liberating ends.

I am not one to ask very much
The joys that I want I can’t buy.
But perhaps if I bought the debts of them all
I could see the pure joy in their eye.

A day of us singing and dancing around
Just to be there living without a care
To live just a day free of financial strain
And escape economic despair.

This is the day that I’ll spend with the rest
Buying debts so we’ll live and be free.
It’s really quite simple to make this come true
But how many will try when they see?

The Words That Stick

Inspired by the Daily Post prompt, By Heart:

What words come forth to fill my mind
A song that’s shelved far deep behind
The shelves and aisles of memory.
Long you live and high you fly
The smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry
All you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be.

Run, rabbit, run
Dig that hole. Forget the sun
When at last the work is done
Don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one.

Long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
Balanced on the biggest wave
Race towards an early grave


Getting back into the swing of things. Some more personal poems on the way.

It comes and it goes
Without as much as hello
The minutes, the hours, the years
The more you seek to consider its pace
The more of it you’ll lose to your fears.

Coming and going
The days of our youth
The world masked by family and friend
Uncaring of how the master moves forth
As the world it goes on without end.

Dancing in step
To the songs of the day
For I have not a care in this life
Protected as I am by my caretakers, two
From unknown monsters and beings of strife.

Sliding along
As the world starts to break
Childhood grows small far behind.
The ceaseless play has ended at last
For its time to make use of that mind.

Dragging of feet
As everything’s changed
This body it warps with new age
I do miss my childlike body of yore
But I can not step back from this stage.

Wandering now
The search for meaning
The old world of joys is all gone
The ground is unstable as I seek something out
But it seems there’s no sign of the dawn.

Wondering now
How this all came to be
How could everything end up like this?
The timeless embraces of days long past
And the mother and father I miss.

Time, it seems
Is a master to all
And a master who knows not how to cease
For no matter how hard I beg and I plead
There is no way I can find its release.

Standing at last
As the train rolls on
Destination and time are unclear
But I can not sit by as the world passes by
It’s time to let go of this fear.

Seeing the world
All illusions aside
For I am not a child anymore
And seeking out purpose guided by one’s heart
Leads to one to whom I’ll adore.

Striding in step
With this partner in life
Now the world can be handled in time.
But to not make a haven that is safe for a child
Would be a parent’s most harsh and cruel crime.

Building at last
A sphere all my own
And I wonder with all of my heart
How my parents may see their child, now raised
As my life as adult it does start.

Learning forever
That time will not cease
It will go on for as long as it can.
One can not waste time watching it go
In that time a boy’s reborn a man.