For Kimberly

It’s one year today, and still hard to believe you’re gone.

How does one cope
With loss, far removed
By time and more so, by place?
I suppose one can only recall

Shine one, with that smile
That will light up a room
That will get us all laughing again
Bring us back to when we first meet as friends

Speak on, with that voice
That will fill up a room
That booms but can giggle as well
Call us back to when everything was swell

Burn on, with that fire
That would warm your true friends
That would scorch the impatient, the rest
Guide us back to the times we knew best

Ours was unique, a band of true friends
An oasis of laughter and jokes
Of drawing, of action, of fun
How careless I was, tending to plants
Rather than doing more for someone

Your heart was so open, your potential unbound
Your life should not end in this way
Shine one, speak on, burn on, please do
Bring us back to when we first met as friends


Making More with Less

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

Is it possible to over-exert on so little?
Is it natural to make mountains of mounds?
For regardless of thought that enters my mind
I find my brain, always, it pounds.

Now venture the offer to open up more
Use more than just a mere ten percent
Why on earth would would I want that
For my mind’s already heavily spent!

With ten percent open I am quite a bit pleased
And even still there’s potential untapped.
Let’s not get too hasty, go easy
Keep my brain’s whole potential quite capped.

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