Cute Kitten

The finest form of flattery is not just imitation; it’s imitation with cats. This came from my affection for oldies and answering the question: “Why submit to being sad when you can enjoy cats?”

Dedicated to Coltrane and Theba

Bing- bold
Louie- italics

I’ll tell ya why you’re smiling. You got a….
Cute kitten How you know? See him lyin on the floor
Ah ha Cute kitten He’s real cute When he purrs you’re smiling more You betcute kitten
He lays out there in the sun, making toilet rolls undone
You claim that messes can be fun But he can prove it! There ain’t no more submission.
Cute kitten, make a grump a grinnin’ fool Shangri’la, really smile
I’m wishin, all these cats are just as cool
They won’t have to twist your arm
I’ll go out and heed the sign
Welcome to the club
In my house I would have mine
Cute kitten, instead of just submittin’

You know I stop by your place lately and notice you been all smiles
Well I’m a happy guy I got a lot of big things cookin’, probably just caught me on good days
You ain’t just cheery you dog, you got a plain ol’
Cute kitten dah boo dah bah dah She’s there stretchin’ on your floor
Don’t go blabbin’ around will ya?
Cute kitten Keep it shady I got real cutie staked out Mmmm no more frownin’ anymore
thebaI don’t have to frown I can give her a treat
Paws be playing with some yarn Just look at her go at it So you just don’t give a darn
I mean she ain’t gonna play by herself
You just never seem to learn Well you taught me
No sense of sad submission Took convincin’
Cute kitten dah boo dah bah bah Got your buddy by your side Ol’ Mama Theba
Cute kitten Mmmhmmhmm Watchin’ birdies flyin’ by Come over here cutie and snuggle

Folks won’t find us sad because
With that face and kitty paws
Cute kittens, instead of just submittin’



Letter Across Time and Space

A letter.

Esteemable recipient
Honored friend
Most grand and respected contact:
I write to you now
As time will allow
To express all the things I have lacked.

For in truth I have taken
After you, my good friend
For some of your traits are now mine.
But while I act with direction
Upon closer inspection
You will see only outside I shine.

For my thoughts they are muddled
And they’re plagued at all times
By fear, hesitation, or doubt.
And so I am asking
While here you are passing
How to build up those things I’m without.

You, I have heard
In your glory days past
Were a force on which others relied.
And in every grand tale
Never a whimper or wail
But instead, history around you replied.

Perhaps we could sit
Talk of our last meeting
On that day by the river, now dry.
We could speak of our trials
Of public speaking styles
Or how success followed your every try.

Did you hide your fears
Or did you throw them away
When you sought out a future that’s bright?
For with steps that I take
I fear being fake
As trepidation is always in sight.

So much to discuss
Many stories to tell
But our time, once again, it grows short.
Doubts and fears put aside
What I wish to confide
Is your grandson has only pride to report.

Days Gone By

A poem fit for a Throwback Thursday.

Looking over the days long passed
I’ll walk these familiar steps.
Between sights and buildings, yesteryear.

The trials and tests of days long passed
I remember how I quaked.
How I felt it all, insurmountable.
Yet here I stand, remembering.

And with years separating us now,
I’ll smile.
The buildings where I fought to believe
Where my faith in all was shaken,
You stand now as the monument
For all I did awaken.

The running and planning for a grand design
For a world just beyond my scope
All turned into something
With years of lessons learned.
Both in the books and in the words
Four years of life I earned.

I’ll smile upon your old stone face
Standing vanguard o’er this place
Protect her still, for when I leave
Others follow to believe.

Until then, friend, old towering sage
Father of modern education
Let them seek out love and understand
Knowledge’s elation.

The Words That Stick

Inspired by the Daily Post prompt, By Heart:

What words come forth to fill my mind
A song that’s shelved far deep behind
The shelves and aisles of memory.
Long you live and high you fly
The smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry
All you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be.

Run, rabbit, run
Dig that hole. Forget the sun
When at last the work is done
Don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one.

Long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
Balanced on the biggest wave
Race towards an early grave