Bad Short Story 1

I probably shouldn’t be proud of taking care of this without any problems. Last time I forgot my pants and that obviously made for some frustration. This time, though, everything is taken care of. I’m slowly coming up the stairs, certain of the response I’ll get from my wife.

The door opens without me even reaching for my keys and there she is. My wife. Standing there with those beautiful, loving, patient eyes. Another Friday night and I’ve done it again. From the time she knows exactly where I’ve been. She asks me the same questions, already knowing how I’ll answer.


“I just had to do it.”

“Why can’t I go with you?”

“We each just have to do our own thing.”

“I can help.”


Friday is actually the perfect time for me to get this issue out of the way. But it is something I need to do alone. It gives us a chance to spend the rest of the weekend together, uninterrupted from the thoughts that inevitably start creeping from the back of my head. It’s become habitual at this point and I think she is starting to just accept that.

I dump out the laundry on the bed and go about with the folding. Another two weeks and I’ll be at it again.


Today I’ll Write a Poem or Song

Yes, I’m still here. While I can, I’ll share a throwback Thursday poem/song. Enjoy.

To you, my dear
I would give you the world
Serve it on a silver platter and a drink with the swirl
The moon and the sun, if I could add them too
But today I’ll write a poem or song.

I know it’s rough
Right now we know
The money’s tight, sleep ain’t right, we’re feelin’ low
But just stay right here, ‘cause the skies they’ll clear
So today I’ll write a poem or song.

Hear me out with my poem or song
The sunlight’s coming out here before long
Today it’s a word, tomorrow brings the songbird
You’re the reason for my poem or song.

You’re beautiful
Even if you’re stressed
Far-flung, stretched thin, or just plain depressed
We’ll make it someday, just you and me
But today I’ll write a poem or song.

It’s coming soon
I promise you that
We’ll have it all and bring along our lovely cat
Our days full of dreams, and plenty of ice cream
But today I’ll write a poem or song.

Hear me out with my poem or song
The sunlight’s coming out here before long
Today it’s a word, tomorrow brings the songbird
You’re the reason for my poem or song.

The Sun and A Smile


The sun and a smile are analogous things
For they each give life to a world
One powers Earth with its photons and light
The other brings joy into sight.

They both have a radiance
They both light us up
One is literal and the other

But unlike the sun, which leaves us at night
A smile brightens up every hour
So when choosing a source to build up your strength
Grow strong from a smile’s humble power.


I survived my first ever poetry reading and wanted to share a poem that’s fit for Throwback Thursday: the poem I read when I proposed a week ago.

We travel along
On the long and straight road
Our hearts and our bodies
Now warmed by the sun.
As you sit there, smiling o’er our days
I think of our future in infinite ways.

I remember our pit stop
To find your lost phone
And imagine a future
Where we’re not alone.
There is kicking and singing
And talking at length
There is talk of the morning
That’s filling my head.
But this soft spoken banter
Is not a mind that is wild
But the forward echo of voices
That belong to a child.

There are moments of victory,
Of glory, of loss.
But in every moment
You’re the cure, not the cause.
For even in the darkest
Cruel depths of my life
It is in you, my sweet love,
That I see my true wife.

My companion in seeing
The wide world beyond.
My partner in pursuing
A hope for the dawn.

Whether dancing on sand
Or on stars up above
An infinity of lives
Confirms my deep love.

And may the world stop and wonder.
May they stop and adore.
May they see your true beauty
That comes deep from your core.

May they see in you
What I’ve seen all along.
That to make this world
Pure, and deserving of you,
I’ll face any evil.
I’ll right any wrong.

The road ahead is straight
But uncertain as well
And yet thinking of you
Makes my heart only swell.

We will face it together:
This world, and the rest.
For in you, sweet Ada,
I give you my best.


Getting back into the swing of things. Some more personal poems on the way.

It comes and it goes
Without as much as hello
The minutes, the hours, the years
The more you seek to consider its pace
The more of it you’ll lose to your fears.

Coming and going
The days of our youth
The world masked by family and friend
Uncaring of how the master moves forth
As the world it goes on without end.

Dancing in step
To the songs of the day
For I have not a care in this life
Protected as I am by my caretakers, two
From unknown monsters and beings of strife.

Sliding along
As the world starts to break
Childhood grows small far behind.
The ceaseless play has ended at last
For its time to make use of that mind.

Dragging of feet
As everything’s changed
This body it warps with new age
I do miss my childlike body of yore
But I can not step back from this stage.

Wandering now
The search for meaning
The old world of joys is all gone
The ground is unstable as I seek something out
But it seems there’s no sign of the dawn.

Wondering now
How this all came to be
How could everything end up like this?
The timeless embraces of days long past
And the mother and father I miss.

Time, it seems
Is a master to all
And a master who knows not how to cease
For no matter how hard I beg and I plead
There is no way I can find its release.

Standing at last
As the train rolls on
Destination and time are unclear
But I can not sit by as the world passes by
It’s time to let go of this fear.

Seeing the world
All illusions aside
For I am not a child anymore
And seeking out purpose guided by one’s heart
Leads to one to whom I’ll adore.

Striding in step
With this partner in life
Now the world can be handled in time.
But to not make a haven that is safe for a child
Would be a parent’s most harsh and cruel crime.

Building at last
A sphere all my own
And I wonder with all of my heart
How my parents may see their child, now raised
As my life as adult it does start.

Learning forever
That time will not cease
It will go on for as long as it can.
One can not waste time watching it go
In that time a boy’s reborn a man.

For the Moments

For Ada, my muse

For the moments where I see you smile
Every hour, every stretch of a mile
When our love is found best
When its simply expressed
In an embrace we’ll hold all the while.

For the moments that sorrow may bring
When our hearts they are wailing from sting.
Just hold true to me
Because soon you will see
That with dawn comes a news verse to sing.

For the times where we’ll feel all alone
When we’re farther than throw of a stone.
Just know I’ll hold true
For I’ll always love you
As my heart, its contents are all known.

For all moments in life til the end
In you I have found my true friend
There is no competition
With each day, just addition
Of the love on which you I would spend.

It’s for all of these moments and more
In all places, from mountain to shore
That I will not find rest
For to truly love best
With a pen, my emotions must pour.