Today marks my last day working with NYPIRG. Tomorrow, I begin the next step of my career as Lead Organizer at La Fuente. I can easily say that working with NYPIRG has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, giving me tremendous opportunities and teaching me countless lessons over my 3 years there. As my first job out of college, NYPIRG will always have a special place in my heart. I am indebted to the staff, interns, and many students for the wonderful memories of inspiring activism. Looking forward, I’m excited for this next chapter of my life. It’s a bittersweet moment, and I hope this poem helps to capture a sense of my sentiments today.

For My Friends at NYPIRG

Tomorrow will come
As sure as the sun
And with it, opportunities new
But before you head on
Racing off for the dawn
Remember the gifts given to you.

Recall every challenge
That came and that went
And the rush to meet them unafraid
Even if it’s demanding
You were always still standing
Friends and allies always coming to aid.

In victory or loss
It mattered very little
For every step you were never alone
Whether fighting for law
Or moving boxes you saw
Through it all you have come out and grown.

It is bitter and sweet
Exciting and sad
To leave for the sunrise ahead
Don’t go and forget
Keep your memory set
Be grateful and loving instead.

Tomorrow will come
As sure as the sun
And with it, opportunities new
But before I head on
Riding off for the dawn
In every step I will always thank you.


Where Were You

Should not be that surprising that the subject matter of today’s poem is a reflection on this week’s events.

Where were you
When the chokehold was made
When a father died gasping to breathe?
Were you then asking why,
Why let him just lie
There for minutes, EMTs didn’t try?

Where were you
When the bullets rang out
When the boy lie lifeless in the sun?
Were you wandering along
Maybe singing a song
Thinking life as a whole was just great?

Where were you
When the outrage came forth
When the riots and protests began?
Were you sitting inside
While the people, they cried
For justice and times to just change?

Were you angry with protesters
As they took to the streets
And interrupted your holiday cheer?
Did you value so highly
A tree glowing brightly
That you couldn’t make time for one’s fear?

Or perhaps you just sat there
In your car, stuck in traffic
And you grunted as youth took the road?
Did you ever just think
In the time that you blink
That the body count of victims would grow?

The system is broken
As should now be clear
And I do hope that much you can see
Don’t blame us for fighting
Or conversation-inciting
Send your spite to those now walking free

Where will you be
When the struggle continues
When the media stops paying attention?
Will you go back to song
And prancing along
Or will you help with the issue’s ascension?

Where were you
When the violence was done
And the people, they took to the street?
Were hiding from discourse
And ignoring the recourse
Or did you march and get out of your seat?

At the Crossroads of Infinity

It’s been quite the week. So much happening and so much to be done. The best question, as always: What do we do?

Take in the scene
Of being right here
At the fork of a countless new roads
Everywhere that you look
Roads you to take and you took
So heavy are the weights and the loads.

Did you ever imagine
That it would feel like this?
That all options would in fact overwhelm?
For we chastise many others
Whether sisters or brothers
For we think we’d be better at the helm.

But already we have it
We are mighty with options
As I stare down each infinite course
But with every next pace
I am further displaced
And my passions, just a wandering force.

For every next step
Leads to infinite choices
And so many more choices, unseen
How can I then tread
If it can not be said
Which path will address the cruel scene?

Forward and Back

If I had a time machine that could only go in one direction

Forward or back, which way would I choose
One choice being taken, the other I lose

This question, this dilemma, this choice being given
Can be easily evaded by one’s mind who is driven.

But first I’ll explain which choice I will choose
And then I’ll explain how neither option I’ll lose.

Further still than yesterday
To the golden hours of youth
Learning from the older day
And finding hints of truth.

To days before I breathed the air
Great mothers and fathers to see
And every growing in my care
Of bloodline’s infancy.

I’d relish in the days long past
Even if I can’t return
For even when all’s known at last
Then you will need to learn.

For even if the great time machine
Can only go one way
The words I writ, now being seen
Go beyond my final day.

Our words will live beyond our end
Our actions echo on
Our gift is now for us to send
Our knowledge to the dawn.


The overarching theme of the week, legends and myth. Enjoy!


From the moment we learn
Which is to say, our birth
We absorb the great stories we’re told
And ever we listen
As our eyes they do glisten
At the legends and myths of days old.

From here and ever after
Through youth and adulthood
We set our aims and aspire
To be like some one hero
Or at least not a zero
As the myths of our life sparked the fire.

But the myths themselves
Being told through the years
They are rigid and their goals, arbitrary
What then can be done
For each and everyone
Seeking a life that may in fact be contrary?

Be the hero of your own
Great lost prophecy
The cynics will fail to disprove
For your efforts alone
Are fulfillment shown
Of the story that you alone move.

Remember these words
When living your life
And seeking out guidance from myth
For the legends of old
And the stories we’re told
Were once people we shared the Earth with.

Good, Evil, and the Terror of Mediocrity

Is it better to lead
or live simply to follow?
The unadorned life
Is one full of sorrow.

No matter the course
You take in your life
No matter the critics
That fill you with strife

The life you pursue
Of vice or virtue
Comes down to the questions
Answered only by you:

Will you live to be one
To fight or to follow?
A fully realized soul
Or a body that’s hollow?

Will you live for the chance
To make your dreams real
Or will you follow the pattern
Unable to feel?

I know not the content
Of dreams in your mind
I know not your nature
Be it vicious or kind.

But what I do know
And strongly believe
Is that it is better to grow
And realize your whole being
Than to ignore who you are
And live life without seeing.

So pursue your ambitions
For good or for ill
May the good go and find
Their virtuous fill
And may the evil enacted
Inspire a new hero’s will.