The Noble Banana


Tomfoolery Tuesday (Because alliteration is fun):

Oh noble banana
Sitting silently there
With a yellowness that shines like the sun
It’s a wonderful fruit
Eat it wearing a suit
Or hold it backwards like you’re shooting a gun.

Did you know in fact
That the way we eat ‘nanas
Isn’t the only way we can proceed?
Before you eat, stop
Flip the bottom to top
And enjoy the inversion, indeed.

All this talk of the ‘nana
Which in fact, is a nickname
A moniker for that yellowish treat
It reminds me at last
That the time has long passed
And I should really sit down and eat.


2 comments on “The Noble Banana

  1. orlandomx says:

    I like your take of the banana, it is my favorite of all fruit I usually have one a day.It is a great hold me over.



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