Letter Across Time and Space

A letter.

Esteemable recipient
Honored friend
Most grand and respected contact:
I write to you now
As time will allow
To express all the things I have lacked.

For in truth I have taken
After you, my good friend
For some of your traits are now mine.
But while I act with direction
Upon closer inspection
You will see only outside I shine.

For my thoughts they are muddled
And they’re plagued at all times
By fear, hesitation, or doubt.
And so I am asking
While here you are passing
How to build up those things I’m without.

You, I have heard
In your glory days past
Were a force on which others relied.
And in every grand tale
Never a whimper or wail
But instead, history around you replied.

Perhaps we could sit
Talk of our last meeting
On that day by the river, now dry.
We could speak of our trials
Of public speaking styles
Or how success followed your every try.

Did you hide your fears
Or did you throw them away
When you sought out a future that’s bright?
For with steps that I take
I fear being fake
As trepidation is always in sight.

So much to discuss
Many stories to tell
But our time, once again, it grows short.
Doubts and fears put aside
What I wish to confide
Is your grandson has only pride to report.


3 comments on “Letter Across Time and Space

  1. ‘For with steps that I take, I fear being fake



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