I survived my first ever poetry reading and wanted to share a poem that’s fit for Throwback Thursday: the poem I read when I proposed a week ago.

We travel along
On the long and straight road
Our hearts and our bodies
Now warmed by the sun.
As you sit there, smiling o’er our days
I think of our future in infinite ways.

I remember our pit stop
To find your lost phone
And imagine a future
Where we’re not alone.
There is kicking and singing
And talking at length
There is talk of the morning
That’s filling my head.
But this soft spoken banter
Is not a mind that is wild
But the forward echo of voices
That belong to a child.

There are moments of victory,
Of glory, of loss.
But in every moment
You’re the cure, not the cause.
For even in the darkest
Cruel depths of my life
It is in you, my sweet love,
That I see my true wife.

My companion in seeing
The wide world beyond.
My partner in pursuing
A hope for the dawn.

Whether dancing on sand
Or on stars up above
An infinity of lives
Confirms my deep love.

And may the world stop and wonder.
May they stop and adore.
May they see your true beauty
That comes deep from your core.

May they see in you
What I’ve seen all along.
That to make this world
Pure, and deserving of you,
I’ll face any evil.
I’ll right any wrong.

The road ahead is straight
But uncertain as well
And yet thinking of you
Makes my heart only swell.

We will face it together:
This world, and the rest.
For in you, sweet Ada,
I give you my best.



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