Where Were You

Should not be that surprising that the subject matter of today’s poem is a reflection on this week’s events.

Where were you
When the chokehold was made
When a father died gasping to breathe?
Were you then asking why,
Why let him just lie
There for minutes, EMTs didn’t try?

Where were you
When the bullets rang out
When the boy lie lifeless in the sun?
Were you wandering along
Maybe singing a song
Thinking life as a whole was just great?

Where were you
When the outrage came forth
When the riots and protests began?
Were you sitting inside
While the people, they cried
For justice and times to just change?

Were you angry with protesters
As they took to the streets
And interrupted your holiday cheer?
Did you value so highly
A tree glowing brightly
That you couldn’t make time for one’s fear?

Or perhaps you just sat there
In your car, stuck in traffic
And you grunted as youth took the road?
Did you ever just think
In the time that you blink
That the body count of victims would grow?

The system is broken
As should now be clear
And I do hope that much you can see
Don’t blame us for fighting
Or conversation-inciting
Send your spite to those now walking free

Where will you be
When the struggle continues
When the media stops paying attention?
Will you go back to song
And prancing along
Or will you help with the issue’s ascension?

Where were you
When the violence was done
And the people, they took to the street?
Were hiding from discourse
And ignoring the recourse
Or did you march and get out of your seat?



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