The Isle of Joel

Part-poem, part-daily prompt, part-message to my best friend (now in a faraway land).

While I seek to not offend them all
Taiwan is quite a far ways off
So even while some may scoff
To you, my friend, at least I’ll call.

The “far off land” is not a jest
For you’ve been gone since what, July?
And even as I did really try
I could not stop you, my friend whose best.

So barring customs at the gate
What I’ll give you are special things
Those trinkets from which memory brings
And restores the days long past and great.

A bottle of whiskey, bottom shelf
Evan Williams, Ezra Brooks
Just ignore the judging looks
For now we toast to you yourself.

The completed works of ol’ Nietzsche
You are today’s Diogenes
I’ll argue back, though not with ease
For both us are so preachy.

A set of chess for you play
Win or lose it mattered not
For with my friend I can be taught
That there is more than just who wins the day.

Walking shoes to tread throughout
For nights on which we used to stroll
Yet ever we were on a roll
Today I’m here with you without.

A thought to plant into foreign land
And drafts to fix and words revise
For I truly only trust your eyes
To make me better, friendship grand.



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