Not quite the regularly scheduled program

If you’ve read my most recent posts, you’ll notice I diverted a bit from the usual poetry of this blog and took a moment to address the issues coming out of Ferguson (as well as the larger US). While I apologize for being a bit lax as of late (which is apparently becoming a bit of a habit), I felt it’s important that I keep this blog true to its purpose: a creative outlet for me to share my thoughts, reflections, and beliefs.

By and large, the posts on here will continue to be poetry (and I’ll be making a happy return to utilizing the Daily Prompt for insight). That being said, there will be times where the expression of my ideas comes out in a non-poetic way. My post on Ferguson is one such case. For those who have already come to enjoy my poetry, don’t worry; that will continue. For those who are looking for something a little more overtly political and/or philosophical, be sure to keep up on my posts categorized under Reflections.

But now, as you’ve taken the care to read this unnecessarily long informational post, a poem:

What I am and what I’ve been
What I see and what’s within
No matter goodness or cruelest sin
My mind is wildly known to spin.

Here I’ll write the words for you
Come back tomorrow for something new
For if indeed that’s what you’ll do
You’ll see insights come into view.



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