At the Crossroads of Infinity

It’s been quite the week. So much happening and so much to be done. The best question, as always: What do we do?

Take in the scene
Of being right here
At the fork of a countless new roads
Everywhere that you look
Roads you to take and you took
So heavy are the weights and the loads.

Did you ever imagine
That it would feel like this?
That all options would in fact overwhelm?
For we chastise many others
Whether sisters or brothers
For we think we’d be better at the helm.

But already we have it
We are mighty with options
As I stare down each infinite course
But with every next pace
I am further displaced
And my passions, just a wandering force.

For every next step
Leads to infinite choices
And so many more choices, unseen
How can I then tread
If it can not be said
Which path will address the cruel scene?



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