Days Gone By

A poem fit for a Throwback Thursday.

Looking over the days long passed
I’ll walk these familiar steps.
Between sights and buildings, yesteryear.

The trials and tests of days long passed
I remember how I quaked.
How I felt it all, insurmountable.
Yet here I stand, remembering.

And with years separating us now,
I’ll smile.
The buildings where I fought to believe
Where my faith in all was shaken,
You stand now as the monument
For all I did awaken.

The running and planning for a grand design
For a world just beyond my scope
All turned into something
With years of lessons learned.
Both in the books and in the words
Four years of life I earned.

I’ll smile upon your old stone face
Standing vanguard o’er this place
Protect her still, for when I leave
Others follow to believe.

Until then, friend, old towering sage
Father of modern education
Let them seek out love and understand
Knowledge’s elation.



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