The Voter

A pre-election day poem. Go out and vote tomorrow.

A world without reason
Lacks cognition of truth
For it only seeks change
When at the voting booth.

Get inspired during elections
For hope and for change.
But then afterward?
Nothing changes, how strange.

But feel not when your leaders,
Now safely installed,
Deliver no promises
From the times that they called.

Think critically only
When you are asked such
Maybe during elections
Even then: not so much.

Their method of winning
Your favor and vote
Rests not on their virtue
But in the lies they promote.

It is a game of emotion
Of shock and of awe
To ignore all the problems
And corruption you saw.

Ignore that which you see
Behind the green curtain,
For money drives them all
That much is certain.

But what is a person
With all heart and no mind?
So easily persuaded
By empty words that are kind?

To be ignorant—naïve
In a world that is wild
If you never ask why,
The voter’s always a child.



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