No More Heroes

Stop waiting for heroes
To ride over the hill
Your only salvation
Rests in your own will

The crises we face
Here at home and abroad
Are solved not be a leader
To whom we only applaud.

We must be engaged
In our world here today
For citizens without voice
Have in fact lost their way.

The lights that divert us
Away from the truth
Cannot be defeated
In a simple voting booth.

Politics is enduring
Regardless of season
And while politicians are bought
We must exercise reason.

To work for progression
And to prevent our destruction
Requires a new way of thought
A new mode of instruction

So long to the cut throat
The vicious rat race
We must live all together
And pursue a new pace.

But such changes to our world
Will not come from above
Our own greatest power
Is our power to love.

The heavens can wait
Your epitaph too
What action can be taken
What now can you do?


2 comments on “No More Heroes

  1. msauthorette says:

    This is very true. Too often, people look, whether consciously or unconsciously, for people to idolize, for heroes, who will guide them and give them the answers, or protect them. But really, it is in ourselves that such power lies; each individual holds the power to love, to change, to build, etc. It’s when we stop looking to others, and make a stand ourselves, that we see a change. Very good piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    • armandoc3 says:

      Thanks very much! People tend to love a hero but tend to project their expectations on said individual rather than pursue them on their own. It’s an unfortunate prospect and hopefully the message behind my poem isn’t too radical.



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