The Sweet Sound of Silence

Inspired by Louie CK and his comments on cell phones.

How often we wish
To be surrounded by noise
To be busy with action
Or enamored by toys.

To be typing or swiping
Never a moment at rest
A person always acting
Avoids life’s greatest test.

Just sit there, be silent
What enters your mind?
Thoughts of goodness, of sorrow
Of a friend who is kind?

Recognize that you’re floating
In the wide Nietszchean sea
No lighthouse to guide you
No direction; you are free.

And so floating alone
You will suffer great sorrow
But keep treading water
Await the dawn of tomorrow.

For to truly live life
To the greatest extent
Requires crafting of values
Of your own human intent.

So cry all your tears
All alone in the dark.
Every tear that is wept
Can be fuel for your speak.

For our tears can be keys
To expanding our emotion
That’s why quick gratification
Is a dangerous notion.

It is only through sorrow
That we can ever reach bliss
But if we never sit silent
A full life we will miss.

So ignore that quick fix
Always in full supply.
Enjoy the sweet sound of silence
Take a moment and try.


3 comments on “The Sweet Sound of Silence

  1. msauthorette says:

    Fabulous!! This is so, so true.

    Liked by 1 person


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