With Notes, From Underground

Another hour is given
Now I have so much time
To do that things I’ve wanted to do
And now with this hour
With these new sixty minutes
All my dreams, they will come true.

What to do first
To sleep, eat or write
To see friends I have long since ignored
So much time is mine
And so much to be done
At the end there’s no way to be bored.

My mind filling up
With possibilities
Of the places and people I’ll see
And it’s all because now
Out of sheer happenstance
That I’m given an hour for free.

Turn left down the street
Or right to the train
For both, here and now I can’t choose
But the longer I linger
That I second-guess both
The more likely, all this time I’ll abuse.

And what if I’m wrong
And this hour is wasted
On actions or people unwise
Then even my efforts
To maximize time
Have become nothing more than just tries.

So this hour I’m given
As a friendly gesture
I’ll give it back, sorry to be unkind
For with even more time
To ponder one’s failing
Is more time being wasted in my mind.


2 comments on “With Notes, From Underground

  1. msauthorette says:

    Love the way this flows, very nice. A peek into your mind.



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