Associated Nonsense

Again with faults, is there a trend?
And I have yet to hear the word?

Why seek out words to obfuscate
When surely we all pontificate
And perhaps we intend to complicate
As opposed to just commiserate.

As poets do we complicate
Instead of when speaking, simply state?


2 comments on “Associated Nonsense

  1. loupmojo says:

    In my book, poets use a lot of words and completely obscure or lose all meaning, most of the time… but before you get too cross, I don’t really understand poetry, but I love the words so I can be content 😉


    • armandoc3 says:

      I wasn’t trying to take a stance on the issue one way or the other. I would say the intention behind the use of words is what really matters in most situations. If the point is to be over the top and verbose, then it makes sense if the end result is convoluted. However, if you can still take something from the barrage of nonsense poets (myself entirely included) produce, you’ve just done the same thing poets have done: Distilled craziness from one thing and made it into something meaningful



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