Ready, Set, Write:

Too often do I wonder about how life can change
On the drop of a dime.
But once you let those thoughts add up
you’ll find yourself miles from where you began
Wondering what happened.

Are you happy with who you’ve become?
Do you look at that reflection and smile inside and out?
Or do you just play the facade for the watching eyes?
The loneliest souls can be right in the spotlight
The saddest spirits surrounded by smiles
The most dead told they’re alive.

How does one proceed from there?
A lifetime spent to build up barriers
One’s pride in their resolve.
One’s strength in their solitude.
How can you turn around and give that away?
Can you, should I?

These walls I have built shield from harm
But also leave the world outside
In the depths of my castle I’ll wander
Alone, speaking with echoes of madness.
Is there even a way to get them to enter?
Was a gate even built into this perfect fortress?

The answer has always been well-enough known
Ignored perhaps longer than what was truly fair.
Justice is the road to a life best lived;
But friendship is the company you keep on the ride.

It will be a process, that is for sure
I’ll keep speaking, writing, or making some noise
In hopes that perhaps I won’t always be so obscure.


4 comments on “Extremes

  1. tt4r says:

    Beautifully clear.


  2. msauthorette says:

    I really like this! Introspective musings on life always hit home for me; I am very analytical. I’ve pondered those questions myself. “Justice is the road to a life best lived; But friendship is the company you keep on the ride”, is a gem!



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