Forward and Back

If I had a time machine that could only go in one direction

Forward or back, which way would I choose
One choice being taken, the other I lose

This question, this dilemma, this choice being given
Can be easily evaded by one’s mind who is driven.

But first I’ll explain which choice I will choose
And then I’ll explain how neither option I’ll lose.

Further still than yesterday
To the golden hours of youth
Learning from the older day
And finding hints of truth.

To days before I breathed the air
Great mothers and fathers to see
And every growing in my care
Of bloodline’s infancy.

I’d relish in the days long past
Even if I can’t return
For even when all’s known at last
Then you will need to learn.

For even if the great time machine
Can only go one way
The words I writ, now being seen
Go beyond my final day.

Our words will live beyond our end
Our actions echo on
Our gift is now for us to send
Our knowledge to the dawn.


3 comments on “Forward and Back

  1. leoatlarge says:

    I like this poem a lot. Your dedication to posting is enviable. You follow a good structure and the final quatrain is very satisfying.


  2. leoatlarge says:

    In its resolution. You (or the speaker) offer the problem initially, meditate on it in the middle, and then you (or the speaker) offers your (or the speaker’s) solution of words and actions becoming part of this greater conversation that spans time. That’s what I go out of it.



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