The Center of the World

Explaining what is distinct about New York City to a stranger..hmm, that’s never been done before.

Welcome to the city that is home to it all
The Center of the World is New York.
For as you wander the weeds that are skyscrapers tall
You will come to understand what I mean.

It’s a city of legend to many on Earth
Where the spires they glow bright into night
And if you happen to catch the skyline at dusk
My god, what a beautiful sight.

The streets ever lively with people moving along
To work or to school or to play
But you won’t walk too far without hearing a song
Of the peddlers on the streets finding a way.

The languages varied, the cultures diverse
In this microcosm of the human race
But no matter the borough or the subway you traverse
There is one thing that is ever in place.

A pride and importance is felt by them all
Manhattan or outer borough, rich or poor
We know that whenever New York City does call
The rest of the world answers the door.

For in us is your poor, your weary, and weak
But also a dream that is you
For even in the smallest, the poorest, and meek
There is a conviction that is true.



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