Every Hour is Sacred

While there are certainly special moments in one’s life that can give you nerves, I’ll address today’s prompt from a slightly different angle.

Life is full of grand milestones
The times when your being is known
But I have lived life in a fashion without fear
For some milestones don’t show when they’re known.

Calamity, crisis, or the pure stroke of luck
Can bring any large moment up front
So without being pushy or immediately rude
Allow me to be perfectly blunt:

Every day has the makings of the rest of your life
To live with bias towards days would be cruel
For every hour is sacred, every minute inspired
Every second is an end, not a tool.

Can you tell me which step matters most in a journey
The first step, the last, in between?
If you ponder each pace on the journey of life
Then your conscience will ever be clean.

So each step, well-considered, leads to well-thought out ends
As each step is a moment’s inception
So as you stride through the hours that make up your life
Keep it with you, this gift of reflection.


5 comments on “Every Hour is Sacred

  1. granonine says:

    That’s a great outlook. Which step in a journey is most important. . . .well, maybe the first one, or it wouldn’t be a journey đŸ™‚


    • armandoc3 says:

      Very true! Though without the steps in the middle, you never went that far anyway, and without the last steps you’re never really finished. While I don’t think there’s any one right answer I think the process of thinking about this is important for people to avoid ever feeling too nervous at one time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Every step in the journey is important, every step is a move towards the person you want to be I think. Great poem, love it!


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