Daily Prompt, DMV edition.

Caught the Daily Prompt today while at the DMV. Is it terribly obvious when I was called?


I’ll write with eye to brevity
As I stave off fears of insanity
And ever seeking alacrity
I’ll write and write and write.

The numbers are read along the way
But now the voice has more to say
And as I have things to do today
I hope I’m almost up.

The excitement passes before long
The flood of numbers

sitting back at my old seat
Picture taken, form complete
IDs given, told to wait
I’m almost done, this is great.

Perhaps the flash did more to me
Then just interrupt my old rhyme scheme
The broken theme once said before
The DMV, I do adore.


7 comments on “Daily Prompt, DMV edition.

  1. Swoosieque says:

    I love your poetry. I love your rhythm! Great fun here today! 😀


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