Updates and the Inaugural Humpday Haiku

I figure now’s as good a time as any to break up the regularly scheduled dose of poetry and provide a couple updates.

First and most importantly, THANK YOU to all the new readers stopping by. Your eagerness to read, willingness to like and comment, and interest in following are deeply appreciated (Special shout out to Norway and Taiwan; you’re both spectacular). In an effort to keep all of you entertained and interested, I’ve taken to a more rigorous updating schedule. In addition to responses to the Daily Prompt, I’ll be posting an additional poem Monday and Thursday evenings. Granted, there may be additional posts coming out on the other evenings (or even triple postings now that I’ve found Three Words a Day) but you can definitely count on a solid double dose of poetry on Mondays and Thursdays. UPDATE: Tomorrow night’s post is a particularly special one. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

That brings me to today. Wednesday. A day many of us herald as the beginning of the end of the week. In other words, Humpday. To better address these feelings of humpday happiness, I’ve decided to rename the Wednesday Haikus to Humpday Haikus (because alliteration is amazing and awesome). Feel free to use the tag humpdayhaikus for your own haikus and use a pingback! If nothing else, the goal is to introduce to light and mildly amusing posts to the more serious or personal posts that dominate this blog. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!

And now, without further ado, the first of many Humpday Haikus:

Working through the week
Looking for an easy read
A humpday haiku


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