The overarching theme of the week, legends and myth. Enjoy!


From the moment we learn
Which is to say, our birth
We absorb the great stories we’re told
And ever we listen
As our eyes they do glisten
At the legends and myths of days old.

From here and ever after
Through youth and adulthood
We set our aims and aspire
To be like some one hero
Or at least not a zero
As the myths of our life sparked the fire.

But the myths themselves
Being told through the years
They are rigid and their goals, arbitrary
What then can be done
For each and everyone
Seeking a life that may in fact be contrary?

Be the hero of your own
Great lost prophecy
The cynics will fail to disprove
For your efforts alone
Are fulfillment shown
Of the story that you alone move.

Remember these words
When living your life
And seeking out guidance from myth
For the legends of old
And the stories we’re told
Were once people we shared the Earth with.



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