To the Children of Tomorrow

As part of the Make It Count Daily Prompt, I’m phoning it into the future. What do you think of my message? Let me know in the comments below!

Hello from the past
From a dead man, long gone
Consider the following
My politest ghost haunt.

The world of my time
Has its challenges, trials
Overcome, or expanded
To be told in your files.

Whether justice was done
Or the malice won my day
I’m “here” to tell you
That you must have your say.

No matter the outcome
Of the tests of our time
You do have the power
To right a great many crime.

And so when you’re dazed
By the vastness of it all
Remember at last
That you are not so small.


2 comments on “To the Children of Tomorrow

  1. synstanley13 says:

    I really like the undertones this poem carries. You can interpret it in so many ways. What I got out of it was the person in the future had done some things in his past he wasn’t proud of. Maybe that past person died when he moved on into the person he is now. And that he lost his voice but the past is urging him to speak up. It’s his time to thrive, a feat that couldn’t be accomplished before. Great poem!


    • armandoc3 says:

      I hadn’t considered that perspective but it certainly brings the focus back on the reader and the regrets of their lives. We’re never too old to be young and idealistic again. Thanks for stopping by!



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