First Freewrite

For all the time I’ve been writing, either offline or online, I never did realize how much of a community there is.

It’s certainly something I’ve been trying to get used to as I get into the habit of looking at news blogs. Such exploration brings me to the concept of the freewrite. 10 minutes? Seems simple enough. But now I realize I’m already down to 8. It’s time to get poetic I suppose:

The times I’m looking out to see
The faceless friends on many screens
And as I seek out those who write
In time I hope to find those who are right
Poetic elucidations

Pressure building in my mind
Time rushes up from far behind
And while the words coming out lack sense
I enjoy the exercise and hence
I’ll play this game again.

Poetry is such a ruse
For all can and be amused
And even if you can’t sing or play
Just read my words given here today
For words are tools that we must use.

And with two minutes left to go
I hope you’ll come one day and know
That you, dear reader, yes you my friend
Have given me someone to speak til the end
Of the time I’ve been given, 10 minutes spend.

And that is my first freewrite. I hope you’ve enjoy


One comment on “First Freewrite

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