And So the March Goes On

For those who were able to join with the People’s Climate March today in New York, Peoples Climate Marchyou may have your own way of expressing how you felt. Below is my first attempt. We, as a people,  have tremendous potential to change the world and direct the course of future events. The question we need to consider is one placed before every one before us: Do we seize this opportunity to right the ship and create the best future we can or do we sit idly by as society fly off the tracks? It’s not a question we can answer immediately, but after today’s events, I certainly do believe we have the capability of doing incredible things.

And for those who didn’t come out today, a common chant from today is suffice: Join Us!


From far and from wide they came to take part
They waved their huge banners and creations of art
And as the crowd rumbled with the hope of the world
We knew that this moment and this march would go on.

The young and the old came out for the day
It was a moment for the world’s people to have their say
As the moment of silence was shattered with life
So too, our fire and voice goes on.

The news will be spinning of has transpired.
Yet all who were present were surely inspired.
And it’s because of this power that we now know we have
That this march, and this movement for justice, will go on.


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