For the Moments

For Ada, my muse

For the moments where I see you smile
Every hour, every stretch of a mile
When our love is found best
When its simply expressed
In an embrace we’ll hold all the while.

For the moments that sorrow may bring
When our hearts they are wailing from sting.
Just hold true to me
Because soon you will see
That with dawn comes a news verse to sing.

For the times where we’ll feel all alone
When we’re farther than throw of a stone.
Just know I’ll hold true
For I’ll always love you
As my heart, its contents are all known.

For all moments in life til the end
In you I have found my true friend
There is no competition
With each day, just addition
Of the love on which you I would spend.

It’s for all of these moments and more
In all places, from mountain to shore
That I will not find rest
For to truly love best
With a pen, my emotions must pour.



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