Another piece inspired by The Republic. Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the section below!

Our ship is now silent
Without motion, at rest
The sailors all quarrel
At who will lead best.

And their feud is for all
To watch and to see
As the shipmaster ponders
Who the next captain will be.

But their feuding is not
On the work of navigation
Nor even on leading
But rather adulation.

Appeals to pity, to rage
Worst of all: ignorance
It is becoming enough
To make the stargazer wince.

And while the shipmaster sways
By bad argument
The sailors, primed to strike
Await their moment.

For their shores are not justice
But the acquisition of might.
They’ll disregard stars
Lust for power steals sight.

And so the best navigator
To lead through rough tides
Is no sailor at all:
The stargazer who hides.

Who seems to stare blankly
At the whole of the sky
And thus knows the secrets
Of the world passing by.

And this being of knowledge
Being most fit to rule
Knows the captain’s no guide
But instead a skilled fool.

And the stargazer’s hunger
Is not in wealth or in fame.
For a life without learning
Is death all the same.

For look at the sailors
Who argue rather than see
The storm clouds above
A doom fated to be.

We are all trapped aboard
This political thing
Until at long last
The stargazer’s made king.


One comment on “Sailors

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