Good, Evil, and the Terror of Mediocrity

Is it better to lead
or live simply to follow?
The unadorned life
Is one full of sorrow.

No matter the course
You take in your life
No matter the critics
That fill you with strife

The life you pursue
Of vice or virtue
Comes down to the questions
Answered only by you:

Will you live to be one
To fight or to follow?
A fully realized soul
Or a body that’s hollow?

Will you live for the chance
To make your dreams real
Or will you follow the pattern
Unable to feel?

I know not the content
Of dreams in your mind
I know not your nature
Be it vicious or kind.

But what I do know
And strongly believe
Is that it is better to grow
And realize your whole being
Than to ignore who you are
And live life without seeing.

So pursue your ambitions
For good or for ill
May the good go and find
Their virtuous fill
And may the evil enacted
Inspire a new hero’s will.



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