Moments Before Dawn

For Patrick

You’ve come to it now
The mouth of the cave
A hole in the ground
Many keep as their grave.

But in you, I think not
Such a fate is not yours
For you’ve felt the sun’s light
Run across your skin’s pores.

But now at one peak,
The apex of the pit,
A choice is now yours:
To chase or to sit.

You know very well
That there’s no turning back
No certainty of success
And the odds, they are stacked.

But if you’ll humor once more
Hear me out once again
Take these words of advice
From a mentor and friend.

Road markers are missing
For you place them yourself.
You can not truly live life
Following another’s way to wealth.

You alone make your future,
Your spirit, your dream.
And so while you’ll feel lonely
It is not how it seems.

We all seek our path
As we wander this life
We seek out the comfort
And wish to avoid the strife.

But remember the cave,
That place whence you came
And remember the caged comfort
In the dark, all ashamed.

Do you recall the moment
Where your eyes they did burn
And you shunned the harsh sunlight
On that day when you learned?

The upward ascent
Was not made for the meek
Nor completed by you
In a day or a week.

But now you stand here
At the gates of the dawn
By virtue of achievement,
I would tell you, go on.

Chase after the sun
As it sets in the sky
Seek its warmth to protect you
As others deny.

For no companion is better
Than a life fully lived
No promise any greater
Than the hope you can give.

So I say to you now
As you ponder your quest
Live truly, live wisely,
Live to fulfill your best.

Step out of this pit.
Let the fears now be done.
I will meet you one day
In the eyes of the sun.



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