The Cave

The whole of our lives
We are trapped in a cave
A victim to ignorance
Our human enclave.

We watch as shadows
Come up on the wall
We uncover some patterns,
In their rising and fall.

But chained as we are,
In this cave of the dark
We soon may be free
At the song of the lark.

And while we may wander,
Now free from the chain
This cave is our cradle
With lessons to gain.

The patterns we learned
From the wall full of shape,
Were nothing but figures
Made by fire as we gaped.

But as we now see
That our truths were but lies,
There are those now revealed
Making the sweet lark cries.

And while we are willing
To hear the sweet song
The larks wish for us
To follow along.

To what and to where?
Our minds do ponder.
“To a world where the mind
Can learn and can wander.”

“A world unlike the darkness
That here you now see.
Full of colors and questions
That make your soul free.”

“Your eyes, they may burn
As they’ll need to adjust
But in the end you may change
The world, if you’ll trust.”

“In time you will see
Things called ‘grass’, ‘trees’, and ‘sky’
And a multitude of beings
That can swim or can fly.”

“But as you observe
Your work is not done
For the greatest sight to behold
Is the light of the sun.”

“But the road is not easy
To reach this new place
You will violate traditions
And leave here in disgrace.”

“And once you begin
You may not turn around
Your cries will mean nothing
As you’re dragged through the ground.”

“But this is the norm
For those who join us above
For to teach is the greatest
Expression of Love.”

“But you may instead dwell
Here forever in the dark
To make more shadows
But unheeding the lark.”

“Those who follow after
Will be kept here as well
Learning only from shadows
In this cave where you dwell.”

“In this comfort you can stay
For the rest of your days
Never to endure trials
That will challenge your ways.”

“And so the choice is for you
To be here or above
To lead people in darkness
Or embrace knowledge and love.”



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