The Song of the Lark

I sense their eyes wander
Alone in the dark
Their minds appear hungry
For the song of the lark.

But there are just so many
In the dank dark abyss.
Can we save all of them
And what if I miss?

For their minds are not all
Open and willing to hear
The words of this movement
Or consumed by their fear.

Some may say aim
For our friends down below
Who will join us above
A promising mind they do show.

But how can we avoid
Those who know not what they miss?
Is ignorance their sentence
To a life in the abyss?

What of their promise
Their latent gift to us all?
Do they not all deserve
The chance at least to crawl?

They may shun or ignore
The song that makes them all free
But what they don’t understand
Is that my song is a plea.

The skies, they feel empty
Without friends by your side
And changing the world
Takes waves from the tide.

I am but a droplet
Of an ocean unfilled
But with you liberated
A better world we can build.

My song is of glory
Of dream, of lament
Of the whole human race
And the time we have spent.

Regardless of whether
I feel promise today
I will keep coming back
In this cave you won’t stay.

I will dream of the time
When we’ll fly up above
All of us, bound together,
By Humanity’s Love.



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