Land of the Free, Digging Our Grave

Where is that lost land
Land of free, home of brave?
Where is that great promise
That put an end to the slave?
It can not be here
For we dig a new grave.

Another life, gone
Society’s shaken
But at what point will we rise
When will we awaken
From the dreams that do drug
And the leaders, all fakin’

We’re herded like sheep
Like we don’t have the right
To demand justice for murder
So we’ll march through the night
And when they come out to beat us
They fire tear gas for fright.

But sit back, now, child
It’s not happening to you
Why don’t you just focus
On the things you can do
Don’t let things far away
Stay inside just to brew.

The problem is, though
That this is just our fight
That every person now living
Is a part of this plight
Cause we can’t ever feel safe
If the cops get off so light.

And the future, that’s nice
To think hiding is cool
But that boy, college-bound
Was he actin’ a fool
When he put his arms up
Just to die in blood’s pool?

When that power’s corruptin’
And the mighty break away
From the things that they’re trusted
To do and to say
It’s at that point we’re bound
To stand in their way.

We want answers and sorry
And a sound guarantee
That we can walk down the street
And not have to once again see
A badge and a gun
Being pointed at me.



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