The Activist Cord

What has been broken
Can be restored
What binds them together?
The activist cord.

To live in a world
Where the rule is the just.
Our efforts can make it
If only we trust.

For the task is a large one
To reshape this whole Earth
But not to build mounds
Or make towers of girth.

Our clay, immaterial
Our subject, the mind.
Our goal: the realignment
Of value to humankind.

Our foe: ignorance
And a refusal to see
The challenges ahead
Or our caged liberty.

Our conflict’s not one
To be waged through the arm
It’s a war of persuasion
To be won through one’s charm.

And while we may struggle
To come out ahead
We’ll continue this battle
For our spirits are fed.

Our endeavor’s not one
To be solved in a year
A decade, generation,
That much is unclear.

Yet with future uncertain
And threats to endure
Activists will be needed
Of that, we are sure.

So bring forth your challenge
Ignorance on grand scope
You can’t stop Our Lantern,
Our Beacon: Our Hope.


2 comments on “The Activist Cord

  1. Duke Nagrampa says:

    What a wonderful and inspiring first poem. Very touching and is relative to the current events of our world today. Excellent work. Keep up with the poems!


  2. armandoc3 says:

    Thanks Duke! Stick around a while. Hope to keep you interested with what’s coming out later.



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